Herbal Tea Chains

Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Lori Weidehammer led us in a herbal tea chain workshop where participants learned to identify health-giving herbs, dried fruits and spices. While enjoying the pleasure of each others company, community members created herbal tea chains to take home to make their own infusions.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cultivating Connections T-Party

On Monday, July 25 Sunset neighbours and the Moberly summer camp- Something Green- art, nature & you! celebrated the culmination of Cultivating Connections. Over the past we have had the please of working with the artists from MOPPARC and horticulatral therapist Aimee Taylor. We have dug in the garden, progagated plants, wove with green waste, uppupoed green waste to consturct a trellis and became acquinted with musician who make horms out of organinc and refuse materials. it has been quite the journey. Make sure to check out these artist blogs to find out more detail of what we did and what they do! Cultivating Connections was made possible through a Community and Neighbourhood Arts Development Program from the City Of Vancouver, Office of Cultural Affairs. In celbration of completing this grant we had a t-party that brought community members together to enjoy the garden, learn about herbs in the garden drink tea made from the mint/lemon balm/lavendar that grows in the garden and listen to music. A big thank you to Mohinder Sidhu for preparing the chai tea!

In the afternoon session of Something Green; art, nature & you, the children worked with the musician David Gowman . He led a rhtym insturment workshop that had particpants make their own rhtyn sticks and learn about percussion music. During the T-party, they joined The Legion Of Flying Monkeys, the band that David belongs to.

Madame Beespeakers leads a community member on a tour of the garden where they investigate the chief healing properites of the plant.

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