Herbal Tea Chains

Wednesday, March 9, 2011. Lori Weidehammer led us in a herbal tea chain workshop where participants learned to identify health-giving herbs, dried fruits and spices. While enjoying the pleasure of each others company, community members created herbal tea chains to take home to make their own infusions.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Partnership with the Sunset Nursery

We established a partnership with the Sunset nursery which allowed us access to a broad range of mature herbs and perennials for the first planting of the garden in early September. Here we are working with nurseryman Joe Rougeau who guided us in understanding the properieties of each plant.
The plants chosen were based on aspects of a traditional medicinal wheel garden. A medicine wheel garden points of focus feature the four cardinal directions north, east, south and west. Each direction has been partially filled with healing plants whose colour at some stage of development blossoms, fruit or foliage coordinates with the colours symbolic of the related direction. The symbolic colours of each direction are east (yellow and gold), south (blue or purple) west (red or magenta) north (white or silver). Thus, the range of plant choice was guided with this intention.

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